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Is Time Theft Robbing You Blind?












Time theft costs American businesses hundreds of billions of dollars each year.  This


results from employees who "steal" from their employers by willfully wasting the time


for which they are paid.  Robert Half has conducted numerous surveys relative to time


theft and concluded that the average employee "steals" approximately 4.5 hours per week


from his employer or nearly six full workweeks per year.  You could be losing more than


10% of your payroll through the following forms of time theft:













* Late arrival or early departure






* Taking long lunch hours and breaks






* Requesting paid sick days for inappropriate reasons





* Slowing down the work pace to create overtime





* Excessive socializing and personal telephone calls





* Handling personal business while at work





* Using Company time and facilities to operate another business













Time theft is not confined to any one type of person or industry.  It applies to "white


collar" and "blue collar" employees in every type business, institution, profession and


governmental agency.  It occurs in every organization with a payroll.













Mr. Half goes on to say that the majority of the executives surveyed state that permanent


employees steal more time than temporary employees.  Also, the greater the employee's


seniority, the greater the chance that they will steal time from their employer.  Office


personnel steal more time than manufacturing employees, and employees under thirty


years old tend to steal more time than older employees.














If you don't use a time and attendance system, isn't it about time to seriously consider one?


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